Locality – putting the brand on the walls

Who’s it for?

Locality is the national membership network supporting local community organisations to be strong and successful. Following a brand update by agency William Joseph and a major refurb of its London office, Locality was keen to apply its brand to its office.

My first question was, “Who’s it for?”

The result was discussion with staff doing different jobs in the organisation and that led us to two jobs that design needed to do:

Inside Locality’s office, London staff and Locality people from around the country hot-desk, work collaboratively, meet and present. It’s very much a workspace. So here, instead of overt branding, I used its graphic components and quotes to provide a sense of place and pride in the work and turned the walls into useful workspaces.

Reception is used by tenants of the upper floors of the building as well as Locality’s staff and wider community. So here, it was important to help people find the office – but with no logos.

The materials and processes involved required complex and detailed production coordination, working with two specialist display contractors.

And to be brand consistent, I went further than reading the brand guidelines. From my own experience of launching rebrands, I knew how important it was to make early contact with William Joseph so that my work could be consistent with brand work in progress.

I went back to Locality for its office relaunch party. It was heartening to find a real sense of ownership of the design.