Bowen Craggs & Co brand review

A co-created brief and an ampersand

One of the most influential internet consultancies in the world, Bowen Craggs reviews, measures and advises on the websites and social media channels of some of the world’s biggest companies and organisations.

Founded on high-quality analysis and reporting and with heavyweight business journalism credentials, the company has grown beyond its two founders. Its consultants have an array of expertise. Its services have expanded. And Bowen Craggs has grown a community, which gathers and exchanges knowledge at its collegiate annual conferences.

Bowen Craggs needed to update its brand to reflect that growth in its communications. But how to do that while retaining the writerly personality at the heart of the brand and the consultancy’s unique viewpoint? The answer was: with the founders and staff.

I had branded Bowen Craggs at startup and had a long-term working relationship with the company. So I understood its people as well as its work. The brief was co-created, through questions and conversations. There was a step-by-step process of design presentation, at team meetings where I could hear a range of opinion. And there has been technical design work, remastering everything from the colour palette to publications, in collaboration with consultants who have professional design backgrounds.

The result is a still-recognisable brand with a tonal shift from founder-run to expert team. There is more colour for use in the company’s data visualisation. And there’s an expanded approach to imagery, without losing the wit from the original brand.

The one thing I couldn’t touch? The ampersand.

It was, after all, David Bowen who persuaded me to do my first Nerd Nite talk about them.

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Bowen Craggs conference photos © Mark Roe