Catley Lakeman Securities

A family of brands

Investment company Catley Lakeman Securities first came to me to update the look and feel of its website to match the experience of doing business with the company. It turned out that for the website design input to work, the brand identity, which was elegant but had a generic financial sector feel, needed attention too.

We started by looking together at the marketplace in which the company operates and how the company wanted to position itself. The team also gave me insight into the love of road cycling and skiing that it shares with clients.

Transport, ski and foot tracks were good metaphors for helping people through the terrain of investment – so these motifs evolved into a selection of library imagery for the website, alongside the clean, simple visual identity, colour palette and storyboards for an internal website build.

But it hasn’t stopped there. Catley Lakeman Securities adds services and companies from time to time and each time, an identity is created or adjusted as part of a family of brands.

The first of these has been Dura Capital, named after the brain’s protective layer. Its selection of imagery features details of protective packaging.

Next up has been design for Atlantic House Fund Management, turning an in-house report style into a professionally-templated brochure for implementation in-house.

And the latest brand identity to go live has been for Verto MTF. Its typographic pattern is about transaction.