A report for Creative People and Places

Personal relationships (and cups of tea)

Clear, readable layout and infographics for a PDF report, to help lead the reader through its information and observations in a logical way. That’s a good brief, from a client who knows what design is for.

I could have simply followed the brief and approached the project technically.

But instead, where I started was by reading the report – all 47 pages of it. Mapping and analysis of engagement approaches across the Creative People and Places programme is full of insight on what Creative People and Places does and how it works with communities. Its quotes, presented script style, bring arts engagement to life in a very human way.

The words, “personal relationships (and cups of tea) are just as critical as aligned objectives and strategic fit” captured the tone and findings of the report. So cups of tea became the report’s visual theme and the starting point for my approach to its graphics.

There was usability to think about too, to communicate data clearly and connect up topics across the report.

“It’s great to work with someone who really gets under the skin of what we’re trying to achieve, and who combines such visual flair and fluency with attention to detail.”

Tamsin Curror, Creative People and Places