Crimestoppers Connections magazine

More swagger

Essentially, that was the brief for the redesign of Crimestoppers’ magazine Connections: a shift from a largely internally-focused magazine to an authoritative, persuasive look at the charity’s achievements, its influence and the respect that others have for it.

By way of research, I was invited to Crimestoppers’ contact centre for real insight into what the organisation does. It helped enormously in understanding what there was to communicate – and the challenges of doing that visually when anonymity is at the heart of Crimestoppers’ work.

A feature-led layout has made a weightier look possible. At the same time, the design respects a recent rebrand with a tight graphic framework, by using its visual devices to provide a ‘skim’ level of reading. The project has tested every kind of story that Crimestoppers might want to tell, providing a framework for future picture research and commissioning as well as layout.

And the process has been designed around the client: when you work in communications at Crimestoppers, sometimes, all focus has to be on an urgent campaign for information.

Read the full issue here.