Kusuma Trust annual reviews

Reporting in pictures

Kusuma Trust is a family-led trust making philanthropic investments in causes, organisations and people that are making a positive difference to society.

When we first started working together on Kusuma Trust UK’s annual reviews, the majority of its activity was in India, focused on education. It had a strong resource of pictures that it wanted to take centre stage in its reporting.

Designed for a small print run and PDF download, the exercise book format featured colour sampled from the pictures. Over three annual reviews, expanding content was reflected in a gatefold centre spread and an infographic language was developed for data. The finance report was separated out as a four-page supplement and the annual review design adapted for Kusuma Trust Gibraltar, focusing on community-based projects there.

The latest, combined review has the layout format of a travel journal and incorporates iPad-generated handwritten text.

One of the most interesting things about long-term work with a client is working with change. Organisations don’t stand still and neither do their audiences. I could just wait for the copy and lay it out – but early conversations about how an organisation is evolving and the stories it wants to tell give me the insight to keep design relevant.

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