The Lady Margaret School centenary

Sociable reportage

There’s often a reportage photographer covering a big event. But Lady Margaret School in Parson’s Green, a Church of England academy for girls, took it a step further for its centenary party: alongside two photographers, I was the event’s reportage illustrator, drawing the day’s programme for PR Melinda Shelbourne, PTA member and centenary year events organiser.

Drawing live at an event, I don’t have photographers’ superpower of invisibility – or a long lens. Guests are curious about the process of drawing and come up to have a look. So there’s a level of engagement that wouldn’t otherwise happen.

At this event, there was also collaboration between all of us covering it for the school, sharing stories and vantage points as we toured the event’s activities.

I drew in two colours – the well-styled event featured the school’s red.