Women in Banking & Finance

Translating from web to print

Women in Banking and Finance (WIBF) is a membership organisation for banking and finance professionals looking to achieve their full career potential, helping to bolster female contribution to the industry along the way. It offers career development events, opportunities for networking and recognition and industry-acknowledged thought leadership.

When most of your communication is online, it makes sense to have a web-driven brand. Print is a different language, so when WIBF wanted to redesign its magazine, it came to me to interpret its brand for editorial.

When working with a recently-redesigned brand identity, the first thing I like to do is meet its designers. I could just read the guidelines – but a conversation helps me to understand the thinking behind the brand and its intent.

In this case, it helped me to produce well-integrated design for the magazine and, subsequently, for awards brochures, certificates and the annual report. That’s good for communications as a whole.

And underneath the creative work were process design, information for content-gathering and production coordination. That enabled critical deadlines to be met, while working around the availability of volunteers with demanding day jobs.

Meanwhile, that early design dialogue has made it easy to swap information, source pictures and have collaborative conversations with web designers Toby Stokes and Sandra Meek as WIBF communications have continued.