I’m an East London based graphic designer, creative director and sketcher. I work with clients, with collaborators and on my own projects.

I grew up in the creative industry, graduated in graphic design from Canterbury, now UCA and worked at London design practices before becoming an independent designer. More recently, I’ve broadened my practice, using my knowledge, bringing the previously unseen sketch element of my process to the forefront and taking on experimental projects.

Design with an overview

How does that logo work in practice? Will that partnership project sit well with everyone’s brand? How does that one thing fit with the other things that your audience will see? How should we design the process? My decades of experience bring an overview to projects.

So clients often see me as a creative partner, on concept development and design frameworks as well as adding value to the ideas and craft of traditional design.

Sketching that reports, records and explores

My quick, gestural drawing is my way of looking. And that brings some interesting work: sketching live on location, investigative drawing, sketch-mapping processes and programmes, sketch illustration, drawing sessions for respite and connection and sketch walks exploring places, heritage and wildlife.

My personal work exercises those skills constantly, wherever there's an opportunity to draw – more on my prolific Instagram feed.

Talking creativity

I’m happy in front of an audience, used to being part of an event experience when sketching live, I do show and tell talks on my work, I was the first graphic designer to take to Nerd Nite London’s comedy stage and I make a podcast, Studio Snack, with creative collaborator Narcis Sauleda.

Who I work with

My clients are hugely-varied: local, national and international organisations, specialist businesses, social enterprises, creative professionals, charities, NGOs, public sector organisations, educators... What they have in common is that they’re interesting people doing interesting work.

How I work

I work with clients virtually and in person, sometimes from a detailed brief and sometimes with a conversation as our starting point. We set out process at the start, discuss creative options and there’s communication all the way through.

If you have a project or assignment in mind, get in touch. I’m always happy to have a preliminary chat about possibilities.