Ideas Foundation web interface and brand direction

Keep it simple

That was the principle at the heart of Ideas Foundation’s new website. It’s easy when you say it quickly – and it takes a lot of paddling away under the surface to achieve.

On the face of it, my task was interface design – the look and feel of the website. But the project also involved designing a working method and process to meet a challenging launch schedule, helping to find writers, a web developer and project management in collaboration with marketeer and Ideas Foundation trustee Chris Harris.

The web project was part of wider work over the preceding year on the structure, specifications and tone of Ideas Foundation’s brand.

Both have involved designing for a varied, if not polarised, set of audiences for this charity, which seeks to improve diversity in the creative industry and specifically adland. Teenagers, big brands, advertising creatives, educators and funders get their information in different ways. And the internal audience has been just as important – a small, constantly-busy team with limited time for generating content.

The website launched at an anniversary event at the House of Lords, to positive reactions on communication and usability.


Web development by John Mounsey
Copywriting by Schwa Consulting