Studio snack

A podcast collaboration…

Studio Snack started as a series of conversations over catch-up coffees with fellow designer Narcis Sauleda. Discussing all things creative work, we found our chats so interesting that we started calling them unrecorded podcasts.

So now, we’ve made an actual podcast. Created for people like us with lots of good intentions and no time, they are themselves snacks, five minute monthly podcasts to listen to with a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Our pilot had to be about the classic studio snack: biscuits – found facts, an experiment, baked typography (more on that in the blog) and we talk about the series. And appropriately for a podcast, we recorded it in a pod, at Here East in London’s Olympic Park.

Our second episode looks at growth – what it means to us as creative practitioners and exploring exponential growth by way of doughnuts.

In our third episode, we explore what our work sounds like – and take a decibel meter to a selection of snacks.

Coming up:

The craft in graphic design

Organic biscuit
How can we do nice business?

Listen here.