Drawing sound, gathering feedback

A comments wall at Cody Dock...

East London heritage and ecology site Cody Dock, run by social enterprise Gasworks Dock Partnership, has launched its first Lighting up the Lea commission, immersive sound piece Confluence, by Tom Fisher. And I was asked to help with gathering feedback.

From an early look at design options, we worked with a series of blackboards, with drawn wavy lines representing sound waves and water that visitors could write or draw on.

As I arrived to draw the lines before visitors arrived, there was a pre-launch run-through of the piece, so I responded to the sound as I went. Who knew that aircraft would sound like loops? Or that I would finish with little ripples from the sound inside a plant?

Find out more about the project and its listening post here.

More information on the project and commission on the Cody Dock website here.