St Margaret’s House and East London Cares

Doily and emulsion paint, anyone?

Studies show that the two loneliest age groups across the UK are the over 65s… and young people.

East London Cares is a community network of young professionals and older neighbours hanging out and helping one another in our rapidly changing city. My involvement with East London Cares started when I offered to volunteer – and then realised that young people were doing the volunteering. Lively of mind though I am, I am not actually young – but East London Cares, undeterred, wanted to chat.

Resources for activity packs were running low so I started by making my colouring book downloads available.

Then I was asked to take part in a funded St Margaret’s House and East London Cares project, supported by the Covid-19 London Response Fund, to make a Zoom video for a fun activity. I made two: Waste Not shows how to make and decorate a notebook using stuff that’s around you at home and Concertina Stories is all about making and illustrating a story book using a concertina format, making by yourself or bringing stories together with an East London Cares friend.

You can find the notebook workshop here, more about East London Cares here and more about St Margaret’s House here.