Design thinking for Ideas Foundation

The value of creative process...

Design. For much of my work, that’s involved the traditional service of concepts, layout and production management. There’s a thing at the end of it.

But now, clients are as likely to come to me for the process itself.

My work with Heather MacRae at creative industry careers organisation Ideas Foundation goes back decades. In that time, our design partnership has developed from looking at logos to making merchandise to shaping multi-stage communications to our current work using design thinking to analyse and organise programmes, messages and audiences.

It’s a shift from using what I produce to using how I think, bringing into service my particularly curious-minded approach, thinking on paper and looking through drawing.

It takes a visionary client to ask for that on its own. But Heather is particularly good at spotting skills and thinking of unusual applications. That’s been behind many of the extraordinary projects and partnerships that Ideas Foundation has put together.

This work has contributed to Ideas Foundation’s creative programmes with Pantène and Canon, to exploring how its work relates to policy and to understanding its stakeholders. And I’ve explained the ‘why’ of the creative process for Ideas Foundation’s work on storytelling with Queen Mary, University of London.

So if you’re a client who has spotted something interesting in the way we work together and you’d like to use it for something completely different, contact me for a chat.