Edible colours

“Held in lime, dipped in pink.” That was one of my notes as I made a colour swatch of a daisy. Why? Well, for our Studio Snack episode on edible flowers, because colour is what they so often bring to a dish, my creative experiment looked at that by way … Read More

Playing with leftovers

Pencil shavings. Brush twirls. I like the by-products of creative endeavour. I’ve even made a visual identity out of them, discarding the vector images I had made in favour of the shapes left on my screen. And so, cutting out petals from old paper swatches for a Studio Snack podcast … Read More

Take outs and out takes

Biscuit kerning. When design life has got a little out of hand… Kerning is adjusting the spacing between letters, particularly on logos or type-based graphics. But biscuits: rarely kerned. My excuse has been the end of year round-up episode of Studio Snack, the food podcast about design that I make … Read More

Circular snacks

Bake crisps from Oddbox veg. Make kitchen ink (onion skin, carrot, turmeric and paprika, tea). Pay a visit to Fibrelab, who are making paper from hospitality waste. Draw odd veg crisps with kitchen ink on paper made from towels. Why? Well, it’s for the latest episode of Studio Snack, the … Read More

The international hedgehog of cheese

Here at the studio there’s work for and with clients, there are personal projects and there are the things that are part lab, part playground. Studio Snack, a food podcast about design, started when fellow designer Narcis Sauleda and I kept having conversations over coffee that we wished we’d recorded. … Read More

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