Bermondsey Street Bees

Client profile

What does Bermondsey Street Bees do?
The story began when Dale Gibson realised that the roof of our Victorian sugar warehouse would be a perfect place to keep bees in the heart of London. After completing beekeeper training, he installed the first hives in 2007. Our multi award-winning Bermondsey Street rooftop honey has become an iconic micro-brand and we have introduced several sub-brands underneath it. As responsible beekeepers, we play an active role in planting new forage for our bees. We also keep bees for several visionary organisations and businesses who support our sustainability agenda through their own commitments to improving London’s biodiversity.

What we’ve worked on together and how it’s helped:
Lydia’s contribution to the brand has been essential and I see it very much as a collaboration. She brings a cool, designerly eye to my wilder ideas and introduces her own well-considered questions – and answers – to every project we work on together. She’s resolved many design conundrums for us and we would not be the brand we are today without her insights and her work.

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