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Bowen Craggs & Co.

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What does Bowen Craggs & Co do?
A unique research and consultancy group, Bowen Craggs’ sole focus is online corporate communications – websites, digital media and social channels. Founded in 2002, the firm helps large organizations to maximise the effectiveness of their online presence. Bowen Craggs starts from the belief that an effective online presence should be aligned with business goals and visitors’ needs. It then helps clients to bring these closer together through internal, external and expert views that combine deep analysis with actionable recommendations. Bowen Craggs is based in London, but has a worldwide client base.

What have our projects done for Bowen Craggs?
Studio Lydia Thornley worked closely with Bowen Craggs’ founders to create the company’s brand when it launched 17 years ago – and has continued to develop the brand as the firm has grown and evolved. Studio Lydia Thornley’s work has been crucial in enabling Bowen Craggs to communicate its unique focus, knowledge, expertise and personality to the world.

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