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What does Kusuma Trust do?
Kusuma Trust is a family-led trust making philanthropic investments in causes, organisations and people that are making a positive difference to society. We choose partners based on our shared values and mutual interests – creating access to opportunities, improving health and well-being, and investing in our communities and environment.

What did getting me involved do for the annual reviews?
Prior to working with Lydia, Kusuma Trust UK had produced four annual reviews. All four reviews had been the same size and design layout so we were looking for new designs to freshen things up and create a distinctive style to showcase our work. Lydia was one of many designers that we met with as part of looking for a new partner. From the very first time we met it was clear that Lydia was interested, passionate and enthusiastic, not only about our work but the challenge and design work she would be doing for us. Her knowledge of layouts, design and presentation styles was obvious from the beginning and choosing her as our partner for the annual review was an easy choice.

We are now in our fourth year of working with Lydia and over this period Lydia has continued to develop new ideas and keep our annual review interesting for the reader. Each year we have different ideas and Lydia brings these to life brilliantly as well as offering inputs on the design and ensuring that the review is as reader friendly as possible. Lydia has a real eye for visuals, picking photographs and layouts that draw people in and make information stand out. Our reviews have become much more dynamic with pictures telling our story, specially designed info graphics to highlight our work, and layouts that allow the reader to go on a journey as they read.

Getting Lydia involved has made the process much easier, allowing us to focus on gathering the content, knowing full well that the graphic design and layout of the annual review will be in good hands. Lydia keeps in contact with us constantly throughout the process and this two-way communication allows for a collaborative working relationship. Lydia always has the reader in the forefront of her mind when designing the review, thinking about how different people read and how to draw them in. The process of working with Lydia has been excellent and she is very accommodating to our requests and edits that we often drop in at the last minute.

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