Ideas Foundation Coronation Generation

Setting the design approach...

Behind the scenes. It sounds – well – invisible. But it’s in the first discussions, the “how do we” questions, the thinking through of the framework in which everything will sit, that thinking about design can be of most value.

Coronation Generation has been one of award-winning education charity Ideas Foundation’s biggest projects, working with the DCMS. Young people have been creating – and learning the skills to create – posters on one or more of the themes of community, diversity, sustainability and youth, as part of the King’s Coronation celebrations. Posters will be on display over the Coronation weekend at Clear Channel advertising sites around the country.

Ideas Foundation has been creating, planning, coordinating and running workshops and downloadable resources. The project delivery team is a talented crew of world class creative and media professionals, educators and organisers who are rich in careers insight as well as great at connecting with young people.

Where I have come in to this fast-paced project has been helping Ideas Foundation look at what resources would be needed, what exists, what could be adapted, where brand cohesion could be tightened up, how to apply the Coronation and DCMS partner branding, starting the conversation on who needs what, writing the first design briefs, art directing the first stages of the project’s web presence and giving an overview on materials in development.

It’s been about more than putting a line of logos on everything. We wanted to respect the King’s work with young people, his interest in the environment and the virtuoso design of Sir Jony Ive’s emblem. Every design has needed to be well-made, and the environment considered in every piece of production. It should, I said, “be regal”…

How do you do that in a way that’s youthful, energetic and has the high profile required? That’s a challenge in itself. And one that Ideas Foundation is more than equal to.

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