Less? More…

There is much to report in an annual review. But this year, Sphere, a worldwide community which brings together and empowers practitioners to improve the quality and accountability of humanitarian assistance, wanted to transform its reporting from a publication to a compact, dual-purpose summary and poster.

So alongside the design stages we would expect – creative concept work, layout and artwork – there was work in partnership with my client in Switzerland to help make the change happen by telling the stories in as few words as possible, using the best pictures, with a consistent graphic approach.

The project included finding a new way to explain Sphere’s work with fellow members of the Humanitarian Standards Partnership, a joint quality and accountability initiative which has its own branding.

Pictures come from Sphere’s own resources and from member organisations Plan and the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement.

The annual review will be available digitally initially and then as a hard copy poster, printed locally. Members will be able to read it, display it and spread the word about the community’s work on standards. More, from less!