Bowen Craggs research reports

A look ahead...

Brands are living things. Companies grow, activities expand and design has a role to play in creating new things in a cohesive whole.

As Bowen Craggs launches its latest research report, Secrets of Corporate Digital Leadership, we’ve been looking not just at the design of this report but at how it can set a style for a new series of publications.

Our first step has been to look at where this sits in Bowen Craggs communications, between its campaigns and snapshots and its bespoke reporting.

There has been a visual balance to strike between boldness and authority, using (sparingly) the writerly punctuation-based graphics in the brand identity.

There has been differentiation of types of content to look at – key points, insights, the voices of the people interviewed and how Bowen Craggs can help.

This project being led by Bowen Craggs people in the US, we’ve borne in mind that the design should work on both sides of the Atlantic.

And the publication style has been developed through a collaborative, editorial-style process – a conversation between writing and design.