Wall graphics meet webinars

Adaptable design for Bowen Craggs...

Moving into a new office, Bowen Craggs planned to have a dual-purpose meeting room and webinar studio – and working with me as a creative partner, brought me in to the project early to chat and think about how that might work.

Coincidentally, I had been developing my own online workshops so as well as looking at the graphics themselves and the framing for webinar shots, I had them test-printed on two different materials to see which was the least likely to have ‘flare’ (shine) in the lights.

The trio of Bowen Craggs ampersand graphics, in colours from its brand palette, was printed on canvas and wrap mounted.

My approach to branding was forged at my first desk space, in a TV design studio. “Yes, but can you build a sandpit out of it?” was the question, only half-joking… For broadcast, an identity must be adaptable. And in fast-moving times, that’s a handy mindset to have.