Wearing the t-shirt

How personal projects help clients…

In a flurry of activity very much of these times, my lockdown illustration project turned blog Dispatches from a Small World has sprouted a Teemill shop. It's launched with two collections of illustrations, printed on demand on organic cotton t-shirts.

So far, so peripheral. Or is it?

Well, I’ve learned a new approach to content structure for a standalone blog. I’ve thought about what kind of supplier I want to work with. I've looked at how to make an off-the-shelf interface sit well with two existing websites and a brand as a whole. I’ve pushed my use of garment printing beyond anything I’ve tried before. I’ve experimented with what works on an illustrated garment, and what doesn’t. I’ve been doing a lot of listening. One range has been developed through direct customer feedback. Even language for style and sizing has come into it.

There will be more ranges, more products and more insight. And that will add to the knowledge I bring to my work for clients.

So looked at from one end, it’s a personal project – and from the other, it’s R&D.

Visit the t-shop.
Visit the blog.