Spitalfields City Farm volunteer handbook

High quality, low key...

Spitalfields City Farm values its volunteers. They have essential roles in this thriving and friendly city farm, from helping with maintenance and development through looking after its animals to garden volunteering. This handbook tells volunteers about the Farm, what to expect, what the Farm expects from them and how they’ll be supported.

This is a PDF handbook with a small digital print run on recycled uncoated paper. For volunteering, its square format is intentionally distinct from the formal feel of A sizes.

Colour photography is one of the most effective ways in which the Farm shows what it does. The handbook combines colour pictures on the cover with black and white inside pages using the Farm’s brand illustrations so that it feels high quality but economical.

As I’ve designed the handbook, I’ve read about the care that goes into the Farm’s work with its volunteers and the respect that it gives to volunteering as something distinct that’s not intended to replace paid work. It’s a publication I’ve been proud to work on.