Communications on standards

Marketing materials for the Humanitarian Standards Partnership...

The Humanitarian Standards Partnership is a network of organisations that define, promote and apply humanitarian principles and minimum standards for lifesaving, protective and accountable response to crisis.

Its marketing materials had, as often happens, become disjointed over time. Information needed to be updated and made consistent with its website, for which I had created concept designs and illustrations.

The working life of the partnership’s members and potential members is busy and necessarily information-heavy. So it helps if materials can be visually succinct, engaging and useful.

The partnership’s host, Sphere, has been my client for the project. We have a collaborative process, which always starts with a conversation. This gives insight into what design needs to do and enables us to chat through first ideas, formats, practical considerations and local production.

We’ve joined up the design with the style established for the website. We’ve tackled the challenge of being informative, in an accessible text size, on a small format for print. And for connection and cost saving, we’ve reused illustrations where we can, creating new ones only where needed.

Now, the HSP will have consistent printed and downloadable materials to engage people with its main themes, offer information that’s compact to pick up, display and use to find resources, and provide presence at events.