Spitalfields City Farm annual report

One report, two tasks...

Spitalfields City Farm’s annual report has two jobs to do.

The first half tells of the activity, community and, literally, the spadework of the year, as much in pictures as in words. That’s for a general audience, as the Farm’s ‘what we do’ piece.

The second half is the Farm’s annual statutory report and accounts, free of images for formal use.

My design task is to combine both in a single PDF-only report that’s consistent with the Farm’s visual identity and makes the most of the year’s best pictures. Contents and divider pages are our opportunity to tell picture stories. And this year, for cohesion we’ve used a vertical format for both reports.

As I design, it’s always good to read the latest on this remarkable, joyful nugget of countryside on the edge of the City of London. Read more about the Farm on its website.