Playing with leftovers

Pile of offcuts in shades of peach, pink and red after cutting out rose petals from coloured paper

Pencil shavings. Brush twirls. I like the by-products of creative endeavour. I've even made a visual identity out of them, discarding the vector images I had made in favour of the shapes left on my screen.

And so, cutting out petals from old paper swatches for a Studio Snack podcast experiment, I found myself with a pile of interestingly shaped scraps and paused to enjoy the unexpected thing created by way of another activity.

That ability to play – to muck about with something and be open to surprises – is of value when I’m working with clients. Often, it’s the idea we haven't asked for that’s the one we choose. Or it's the sense of wonder at the heart of creative practice that can invite adults to get involved in a workshop or activity.

More in the next episode of Studio Snack.