Business unusual

Well, this is weird.

Workspace swapped for work-from-home, deserted streets, food shortages, heightened spatial awareness…

But designers are adaptable creatures. Agile thinking is part of what we do. We have ideas, we brainstorm, explore alternatives, test, adapt and refine. We spend a lot of time asking the question, “Why?” – but we’re just as good at “Why not?”

So in this strange and at times, frightening new world, business-as-usual becomes business unusual. Existing projects have sprouted screen meetings. A day’s tutoring has become three podcasts. I’m running my first online live drawing activity. Coffee with co-workers is virtual.

There are opportunities to think about how what I do might be of help in this emergency – to make stuff, do stuff, communicate stuff and bring good cheer.

There are chances, too, to observe and record. Above, a two minute self-portrait (one of the online challenges set by Hackney Wick Life Drawing when it had to cancel its sessions) and speedy dispatches from food shopping queues and walks.

Much of my work with clients starts with helping to create the brief. So if you’re wondering how to communicate from a place of rapid change, let’s chat. Ask me nicely and I might even draw some biscuits.