Sketching a narrative

Most of my sketching work is reporting on things or gathering in people’s stories. But I’ve turned narrative illustrator for the latest episode of Studio Snack, the monthly podcast I make with collaborator Narcis Sauleda. This month’s episode is on fictional snacks and our creative experiment has involved making up some of our own. So for that, I’ve used my style for a bit of “What if?”.

I’ve long thought that because you can grow tomatoes and basil together, it would be nice to have a mozzarella plant. But what does a mozzarella plant look like? Well, I drew it as I would a real plant, deciding how big its ‘berries’ should be and what shape might work for the leaf.

I made a mini-zine too, about a much-loved family recipe making me wonder what it would be like if you could download food from memory. For that, my sketching of processes came in handy. To find out where the story went, listen to the episode here.