Where the studio is

“Where is your studio?” That used to be an easy question to answer. I did one thing – graphic design – and I worked from one place, desk space in a shared studio.

But my work is broader now. I use what I know as well as what I do. Drawing, once the part of my work that clients didn’t see, is now a formal strand of it. In the pandemic, I stepped back from my shared studio to make space for people who couldn’t work from home. And in its spirit of trying stuff out, I found myself doing things that were not at a desk at all.

Over the past month, my studio has been at my desk working on the delivery end of design; it’s been in a café, collaborating on ideas for the next three episodes of Studio Snack; it’s been in a barn, on live evaluation for a sound art piece; and it’s been in nature, working on prep sketches for an exhibition next year.

Where is my studio? It’s at a screen; it’s on location; it’s where people can get together to generate ideas – it’s wherever it needs to be. Here's to the fertile creative context that provides.