Kochi Design Week

Discussion, collaboration and ideas in Kerala… Working with NGOs and educators, I’ve cropped countless pictures of India – but speaking at Kochi Design Week has been my first visit. It’s been a mind-expanding few days of discussion, collaboration and ideas across a wide range of creative disciplines. I’ve joined a panel … Read More

Space to look

What colour is a leaf? No, really what colour is it? Always-on, constantly-distracted modern working life often leaves us able to do no more than settle on things for seconds before moving on. So my World Mental Health Day creative wellbeing workshop for The Trampery on the Gantry focuses on … Read More

Accidental beauty

Discoveries in bookbinding… “Do you notice anything?”, my friend Carolyn said as she handed me a gift of a secondhand book. I flipped through its beautiful two-colour illustrations and elegant typography… and then felt a fold on the outer edge – and it wasn’t intentional. The foreedge of the book was … Read More

[Template] Client

[Client Name] Client profile What does [Client Name] do? … What did getting me involved do for the annual reviews? … See examples of work for this client

[Template] Standard Page (1x Image and Text) Hello World

Heading (h2) This is standard paragraph text. I’m a sub-heading (h3) This is also standard paragraph text. This is also standard paragraph text. It is usually a good idea to ensure that there is a link at the end of any particular page, thereby increasing the chance of a visitor … Read More

Space to Earth Challenge

Space to Earth Challenge Client profile What does Space to Earth Challenge do? Devised by Venture Thinking, Ideas Foundation and Triathlon Trust for the UK Space Agency and ESA (European Space Agency), Space to Earth Challenge has been a triathlon-based, STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) -linked programme of activities … Read More

Bermondsey Street Bees

Bermondsey Street Bees Client profile What does Bermondsey Street Bees do? The story began when Dale Gibson realised that the roof of our Victorian sugar warehouse would be a perfect place to keep bees in the heart of London. After completing beekeeper training, he installed the first hives in 2007. … Read More

New: digital drawing

Line on to online… My project processes are designed around my clients. So for the Bowen Craggs Conference in Berlin, for online usability I decided to add digital drawing to my live sketching skills. I expected to find it clunky – I use a stylus and tablet in the studio, … Read More

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