[Template] Standard Page (1x Image and Text) Hello World

Heading (h2) This is standard paragraph text. I’m a sub-heading (h3) This is also standard paragraph text. This is also standard paragraph text. It is usually a good idea to ensure that there is a link at the end of any particular page, thereby increasing the chance of a visitor … Read More

Space to Earth Challenge

Space to Earth Challenge Client profile What does Space to Earth Challenge do? Devised by Venture Thinking, Ideas Foundation and Triathlon Trust for the UK Space Agency and ESA (European Space Agency), Space to Earth Challenge has been a triathlon-based, STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) -linked programme of activities … Read More

Bermondsey Street Bees

Bermondsey Street Bees Client profile What does Bermondsey Street Bees do? The story began when Dale Gibson realised that the roof of our Victorian sugar warehouse would be a perfect place to keep bees in the heart of London. After completing beekeeper training, he installed the first hives in 2007. … Read More

New: digital drawing

Line on to online… My project processes are designed around my clients. So for the Bowen Craggs Conference in Berlin, for online usability I decided to add digital drawing to my live sketching skills. I expected to find it clunky – I use a stylus and tablet in the studio, … Read More

Creative exploring: Berlin

I love being a flâneuse in a foreign city. And ahead of a live sketching commission, I had a perfect excuse to explore the creative and cultural life of Berlin. Highlights were the Buchstabenmuseum, a museum of rescued signage, the Museum of Things, which looks at the Deutsche Werkbund and … Read More

CPD with a view

My sketchbook tour of The Trampery’s co-working sites has brought new industry friends and contacts – including Box Of Prints at Trampery Republic, who got in touch about their print and prosecco night of stencil screenprinting. For the 4th of July workshop, we had the constraint of only being able to … Read More


Clients I have clients in all three sectors – individuals, businesses and organisations doing work with local, regional, national and international focus. I also work on projects run by partnerships and I join collaborative projects led by consultancies in other disciplines. Here, some of my clients talk about what they … Read More

Bowen Craggs & Co

Bowen Craggs & Co. Client profile What does Bowen Craggs & Co do? A unique research and consultancy group, Bowen Craggs’ sole focus is online corporate communications – websites, digital media and social channels. Founded in 2002, the firm helps large organizations to maximise the effectiveness of their online presence. … Read More

Kusuma Trust

Kusuma Trust Client profile What does Kusuma Trust do? Kusuma Trust is a family-led trust making philanthropic investments in causes, organisations and people that are making a positive difference to society. We choose partners based on our shared values and mutual interests – creating access to opportunities, improving health and well-being, … Read More

Growing a graphic language

Compost-shovelling: I like the menial jobs at east London community garden Abbey Gardens. But I also volunteer communications skills for the blog and in making graphics, these for event publicity. I have the freedom to experiment that gives me a testing ground for ideas and for developing my graphic language. … Read More

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