Bowen Craggs Measurement Playbook

Communication, explanation and presentation...

In this Playbook on how to establish effective measurement tools for a corporate website that deliver meaningful, actionable insight, infographics do a lot of the work of explaining processes.

So that’s where we started. My first job was to take a look at the graphics from a communication design perspective. Then we developed them together, bringing in knowledge from Bowen Craggs.

The design of the Playbook has three jobs to do: It’s a resource for Bowen Craggs subscribers and a piece for potential subscribers so it has elements of two tones of voice we’ve developed for subscriber and external communications. And with its first outing an online meeting for subscribers, easy translation to PowerPoint use has been a consideration from the start.

I’ve also brought an overview from our work on brand development and report design. That has enabled us to develop design in a way that works for this new Playbook and makes sense for the company’s communications as a whole.