Broken biscuits – the first Studio Snack of 2023

Biscuit Kintsugi... that seems in no way relevant to my work. But in the making of Broken Biscuits, the latest episode of Studio Snack, a monthly podcast with fellow designer Narcis Sauleda, there's been more common ground than you'd think. There's the usual delving into the subject – where we've found that something we had assumed had disappeared into history had gone viral on TikTok. This month's experiment applies the Japanese tradition of visible ceramics mending to biscuits. That's made us work with unfamiliar materials. We've used a coincidence of research and location to explore Catalan modernist Trencadís. And we've had a chance to reflect on what waste materials bring to creative work. All of that, fun side project though it is, exercises the creative skills I bring to my work, expands my knowledge and has honed a new skill of writing to a short time limit.

So grab a cuppa and a biscuit (broken or not) and join us for the latest episode of Studio Snack.

Find out more about the project here.