The art of cobbling characters

Before software did the hard work of visualising typography, we had Letraset – sheets of dry transfer lettering. We’d run out of the most-used letters so we would cobble together characters from what we had. And when I did my first Nerd Nite London talk, on ampersands, I asked letter cutter Dave Farey if he’d ever made an ampersand that way. 

All of that came in handy for my ampersand biscuit baking experiment for this month’s Studio Snack podcast & another thing, where we talk about value by way of the little biscuits served with coffee. I tried out collaborator Narcis Sauleda’s idea of using a P and a C (I used two Ps, one cut down to improvise a lower case c) and Dave Farey’s suggestion of starting with an 8.

Yes, I could have gone online and bought an ampersand cookie cutter. But that wouldn’t have been as interesting. That’s why we make Studio Snack: for fun, discovery and the creative play that enriches our work.

Listen to the latest episode here.