Rocket Science brand review

Communicating in a new orbit

Launched in 2001, Rocket Science has stayed true to its work on the delivery and improvement of services addressing employment and poverty, and to its own values as an employer.

Over time, its communications have become increasingly digital. Rocket Science also generates most of its reporting, information and marketing materials in-house.

The original brief was for an object: a ‘leave-behind’ item showing what Rocket Science does, for meetings and events.

But where we started our discussion was looking at how the company communicates visually at every point of contact and where the existing brand identity, which I had designed at startup, had become challenging to use.

I heard from millennial staff and others working day-to-day on communications and logged in to some of the opensource software that staff were using for graphics creation. That helped me to understand where change was needed.

The result is a still recognisable brand identity with subtly adjusted logo, new fonts that work across documents, print and online media, templates, a suite of graphics and updated brand guidelines.

And what of the leave-behind? Well, it’s a swatch, to give it a format that’s appropriate for showing an array of work. And going beyond the visual remit of a brand, I’ve found a print supplier for Rocket Science that shares its values.