Free-range Friday

This year, there's a new rhythm to the week. My studio days are Monday to Thursday; the fifth day of the working week is Free-range Friday, earmarked for personal work and exploration.

So what goes on, on these days resolutely away from a desk? Well, like the best sort of travel, it’s a ramble through planned things, diversions and unexpected discoveries…

The latest started with a Studio Snack podcast recording, by way of a conversation with a cheery barista about the relative merits of perfection and imperfection. On my way across the Olympic Park to Here East, I had paused to sketch the mimosa, cursed myself for not packing a highlighter and wondered as I trundled to my next thing whether I could do that on my phone. I could – and did. New thing! Onward, then, to the Barbican for Unravel: the power and politics of textiles in art with a former art director friend who brought her perspective to a look around this excellent show. Why textiles? Thread has long been another drawing medium for me and sparked by a writing workshop, I’m planning a textile piece.

That space to think, make and learn feeds and stretches my creative mind – and that, in turn, brings knowledge, openness and fresh thinking to the work I do with my clients.