Monoprinting with Marmite and an ampersandwich

Four photos showing monoprinting '& Co' with bread and Marmite and making a sandwich from an ampersand

The latest episode of Studio Snack, a five minute food podcast about design that I make with creative collaborator Narcis Sauleda, started with Narcis discovering that the root of the word ‘company’ came from breaking bread.

Brainstorming at a bakery (well, it would be churlish not to) we discussed all things business lunch and chose the classic company abbreviation & Co. for our creative experiment. Narcis did typography with toast; I tried some monoprinting, then applied my half-images, half-words creative mind to making an ampersandwich.

I could have mocked up my bread type on screen or briefed an AI tool. But there was typographic discovery in the jeopardy of letter cutting with sliced bread. And had I not been making a mess in my kitchen, I wouldn’t have cast my eye around and thought, “maybe I could print with Marmite”…

As we were brainstorming this episode, the guy at the next table had said, “That would make a good podcast!” Well, here it is.