Sealed with a sprout

A Christmas colouring book…

In the first London lockdown, inspired by a conversation about people taking solace from colouring in, I turned line elements of my drawings and illustrations into free, downloadable colouring books.

Inspired by volunteering last Christmas for Crisis, a UK charity helping the homeless, I've designed a Christmas colouring book, using existing and new illustrations. It's for sale, all profits from sales of the printed books and all proceeds from sales of the download version to be donated to Crisis.

The printed books are available on Etsy for UK sales. Or contact me to enquire about local drop, quantity or download prices.

The PDF edition has been made available free to Crisis for its guests, and to two East London projects: East London Cares and St Luke's Over 50s group.

And I'm volunteering again this Christmas – this year, because activities have moved online, digitally. More on that in the new year.