Grawlix – a type story on a comedy stage

Inspired by the best question I’ve ever been asked in a briefing meeting – “Could we have some sweary type?” I discovered that it has a name: Grawlix. Or does it? My sixth talk for Nerd Nite London goes down a rabbit-hole of research on cartoon history, fashions in writing, whether your choice of font can influence the tone of your swearing, signage, country music and whether AI can provide a system for swearing in symbols.

My last question was whether a grawlix had ever ended up in a hellbox, a letterpress printer’s bin for worn or broken type. And as I headed out to my talk, the lovely St Bride printing library sent me a picture of theirs. So here it is, with images from my slides.

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And the project that inspired the talk? It was for Bowen Craggs. You'll find it here.