Using my loaf

I’ve started my new studio year by starting off a loaf of bread, to rise and prove while I get on with the overview, admin and communication that get the work under way.

As I knead the dough, I think about the mindset that does this. Creative professionals are multitaskers on multiple projects, skilled at knowing what’s involved in each task, how long it takes, who needs to know what, who should be doing what and the variables involved.

Putting the oven on, I know that the loaf will feed me and in turn, the work. Creative minds need constant feeding too – cultural exploring, rabbit-holes of research, exchanges of ideas and the simple act of getting out and looking at stuff.

All of these things bring breadth of knowledge and flexibility of thinking that are often more than clients expect.

So here’s to projects that involve everything that creative input is and everything that it can do.

Happy New Year!

Now for some of that bread…