Coming up: roses

My lockdown project turned blog has sprouted a collection.

Dispatches from a Small World reports from my urban garden in sketches. There have been forays into garments and cards. But there are enough sketches now to find themes for products.

Hello roses! A classic, you would think – but approached with a curious mind, there’s been all sorts to discover.

Spending time with roses through drawing, I’ve found complexity of colour, watched petals presented, noticed translucency in ways that have grown my interest in slow looking. And to make a collection I’ve had to sprout new bits of design knowledge: what makes a range, what’s wearable, how I can design out waste, how to have a sense of occasion without limiting shelf life.

I’ve been delighted to deliver an order of cards to the Garden Museum, one of my favourite museums in London, in time for its Wild and Cultivated exhibition. They’re also on sale at Hackney Wick Underground and on Etsy. The tees and totes are on my Teemill shop, printed to order on organic cotton.

Meanwhile, the collection of sketches is getting taller. I’m going to need a bigger box…