Behind the scenes at the museum

I could just answer the brief...

There’s a venerable oak in Bruce Castle Park that I’ve drawn over the course of designing a visual identity for Bruce Castle Museum & Archive in Tottenham and returning as a visitor and a researcher. It’s been just part of growing my knowledge about this remarkable place.

I had the privilege to tour Bruce Castle with its curator Deborah Hedgecock as part of my research, listening to the stories of the people who lived there, the tales that the museum’s objects tell, walking through the shelves and racks of archives, discovering how the museum is a living thing through its exhibitions and activities.

Working with Bruce Castle reminded me of the human side of museums – that curators are historians, archivists sleuths and a museum rooted in a place is all of the people who are there now and who went before.

I could just answer the brief. But where would be the richness in that? I feel very lucky that my work takes me to extraordinary places – and projects are always better for the depth and relevance that such visits bring.