Visual refreshment

We’re busy...

There’s a lot to do. Even in the creative industry, taking a break in the working day can feel impossible. We even apologise for it (or maybe that’s just me…). But leading a lunchtime sketchwalk for The Trampery on the Gantry, I encouraged chat about what getting outdoors for a while did for us. It turned out that it was good for problem-solving and generally, got us out of our own heads.

The theme of this year’s Creativity and Wellbeing Week has been ‘Get creative, get outdoors’. A notebook or a sketchbook is a great way to look at stuff around us in a way which, as adults, we sometimes forget how to do. Or maybe we’re daunted by the pressure to do a good drawing.

I’m happy if my sketchwalkers see or enjoy something that they’d never noticed before. If they find a little glimmer of confidence or curiosity to explore more, that’s a lovely thing.

And maybe it can bring a new perspective – literally – to the afternoon’s work.