26Habitats – sketches for centenas

26 is a not-for-profit organisation for writers and anyone who believes in the power of words. Which includes me – words are part of my creative work and my ideas process.

Its creative projects bring together multiple writers to focus on a particular theme. Following its hugely successful 26Wild project last year with UK partner The Wildlife Trusts, for this new project 26Habitats, 26 writers around the UK will each compose a centena on an endangered habitat.

A prolific sketchwalker, I’ve volunteered to stride out, on foot and virtually, to illustrate habitats and species. But first, I’ve been asked to put pen to paper for the project’s logo (and along the way, I’ve drawn a row of 26 sprouting writing implements).

Look out for sketches in September. Meanwhile, I’ll be going wild with a sketchbook in June, joining in with The Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild. More here on 26Habitats, its linked 26Pledges project, and a parallel project by 26’s friends in New Zealand.